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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Queer Eye

Show Synopses: Five gay men make over straight men.

Triggers: Drink anytime…
-anyone says gay, straight, queer, fabulous, cute, or super
-anytime one of the Fab 5 makes a sexually suggestive comment.
-anytime one of the Fab 5 makes fun of the straight man
-anytime someone cries.
-anytime someone is shocked.
-anytime a gay man explains something to another person.
Special Triggers
-Silly straights can't do anything right: Finish your drink anytime a straight man screws up somehow. Either he burns the dinner, wears the wrong shirt, or gets his foot stuck in his mouth.
-Catty little Bitches aren't they?: Finish your drink anytime one of the Fab 5 pokes fun at another Fab 5 man. Bunch of Diva's on this show.
-OMG guys I am so ________ right now: Finish your drink whenever someone says they are either nervous or excited. I guess gays have that effect on people.

Suicide Triggers!
- This show is one giant billboard: Drink anytime you spot any form of product placement. There are tons of merchandise, services, and goods given away on this show and each company behind the gift gets a nice little plug to promote their brands. 

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